No cords. No permits. Just reliable, bright light where you need it.

No cords. No permits. Just reliable, bright light where you need it.

At your home or business, our durable, solar garden and walkway light charges even on the darkest days to illuminate your life.

See How Our Light Works

You’d Never Know It’s Solar

  • Brighter Than Your Porch Light

    Our Solar Garden light shines at 900 super bright lumens with a wide dispersal for maximum visibility.

  • Extremely Durable

    Not your typical, brittle, plastic casing. Our aluminum housing withstands rain, wind, and sun. Features a 2-year warranty.

  • Easy Installation

    No need to hire an installer. Your light arrives pre-assembled and simply needs to be mounted.

  • A Testimonial From Ryan in Edmonds, WA:

    We installed our Geolite and it has worked really well. There was a dark corner of the driveway that is no longer an issue.

    The light is very bright and reliable. Even with our inconsistent spring weather, the light charges and turns on every night. It's fantastic.

  • A Testimonial from Gloria in Seattle, WA (Translated):

    A friend recommended that I install Geolite's solar light in my front and backyard. The installation was convenient, low cost, and did not need to be reported, ditched and wired underground.

    Seattle has a long rainy season and less sunlight. But, this solar light still works well after a year. It turns on automatically at a given time each day... Since we've installed it, we've never changed the light bulb, adjusted time, or exchanged the switch. It turns on during the night and turns off during the daytime. I think this is a nice product.

  • Gloria's Original Testimonial:


Unique & Innovative Features

  • 900 Lumens

    Aluminum alloy case is rain, wind, and heat resistant. Our light was built for regular use in the windy Pacific Northwest.

  • Replaceable Battery

    Our reliable battery holds enough charge for three days and can be replaced without buying a new light fixture.

  • Self-Contained

    The solar panel and LED light is conveniently contained in the same housing, eliminating any wires.

  • Weatherproof

    Aluminum alloy case is rain, wind, and heat resistant. Our light was built for regular use in the windy Pacific Northwest.

  • Auto-Dimming

    Automatically dims after four hours to continue providing light without the harsh glare as you sleep.

  • Easy Installation

    Can easily be removed from mount and repositioned or installed permanently. Use it in your garden or on your camping trip.

Built Pacific Northwest Tough

Built Pacific Northwest Tough

Wind, rain, and snow - not to mention cloudy days - are never a reason to worry.

Charges even on cloudy days.

Waterproof aluminum alloy case ensures rain won’t short circuit your fun.

Solid construction insured with 2-year warranty.

I Need Light
Auto Dimming That Doesn't Wake the Neighbors

Auto Dimming That Doesn't Wake the Neighbors

Your neighbors won’t mind your outdoor Geolite because it dims automatically during the wee hours of the night.

Provides 4 hours of bright light during the beginning of the evening.

Auto dims to offer continued illumination without any glare.

I Want a Light that Works
No Permits Needed

No Permits Needed

Install your solar light exactly where you want it without having to jump through permitting hoops, running long extension cords, or hiring costly electricians.

Install permanently in the ground. Place in a movable, outdoor umbrella stand. Install on an outbuilding.

Let’s Illuminate My Space
Easily Light Your Facility’s Exterior

Easily Light Your Facility’s Exterior

Geolite is the perfect solution for your business, too. A well-lit facility significantly improves safety for employees, visitors, and residents alike.

Ultra-dependable, our outdoor solar lights offer a reliable light source without increasing your monthly electric bill.

My Facility Needs Light

Common FAQs

Do I need to hire a professional installer?

It’s your preference, but no expertise is needed.

Are there alternative ways to charge the battery?

At this time, the only way to charge the battery is with solar power.

What is a safe way to clean the solar panels?

A soft cloth and water is recommended.

My light bulb broke. How do I replace it?

Light bulbs are covered under the two-year warranty. If your light bulb breaks, return the GeoLite for warranty replacement.

How often will my facility manager have to replace the light bulb?

Light bulbs will last at least two years. If they don’t, they are covered under a two-year warranty. A new one will be sent for free.

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