Easy to Install Solar Light

Your GeoLite solar light is exceptionally easy to install.

Your GeoLite solar light is exceptionally easy to install.

The light arrives fully assembled. This means you don’t have to worry about adding batteries or inserting a light bulb. There are no extra panels to add or special wires to connect.

You simply remove the light from its box and mount it where you want it.


How to Mount Your Solar Light

The base of your solar light is designed to fit a pole 2.25- to 2.5-inches in diameter pole. Mounting it is the only ‘work’ involved.

Your light needs to be placed on the top of the pole. You’ll then secure your light by tightening the four screws located around the base. You’ll want to use a 7/32 allen wrench.


Where to Mount Your Solar Light

Your solar light can be mounted pretty much anywhere you want. The key is to make sure the on which you are mounting your light is positioned securely. You don’t want it to tip over!

These are a few examples of where you might want to position your pole:


The Ground

Dig a large hole. (Aim for at least 1½ feet in depth.) Place your pole squarely in the bottom. Fill the hole with dirt and/or cement. Before you mount your light, jostle the pole slightly to make sure it’s securely in place.

If the pole moves at its base, your hole may not be deep enough. Dig a new hole and start again.


Decorative Pot

While the solar light can always be easily removed from the pole, a pole in the ground can prove a bit more difficult to move. Placing your pole in a decorative pot offers a less permanent solution than placing it in the ground.

Like an umbrella stand, make sure you select a pot large enough to provide a sturdy base. Additionally, be sure to add heavy weights, such as rocks and sand, to keep the pole in place.


On a Fence

If you have a walkway or far reaching corner of your yard, mounting your light to a fence could be a way to increase the dispersal.  


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