Outdoor Lighting that Won’t Bug the Neighbors

Your Geolite solar light dims after four hours, ensuring you won't bug your neighbors.

Auto-dimming solar lights offer a non-invasive solution to your outdoor lighting needs, without bugging your neighbors!

While you don’t need to be best friends with your neighbors, life’s a lot more enjoyable if you’re not feuding with one another. Shining a bright light into their home at all hours is a great way to create conflict.

Instead, GeoLite’s solar garden light offers a bright light for the first four hours of the evening. Then, it dims to a gentle glow. This allows you to maintain the safety of lighting your exterior, without interrupting your neighbors’ evening.

No More Forgetting to Turn Off Your Lights

Have you ever woken up in the morning to discover you’ve forgotten to turn off your outdoor lights? You’re not alone.

Life gets busy. After a long day, it’s easy to be tired and simply go to bed. Unfortunately, your exterior light could make it difficult for your neighbors to also go to sleep.

GeoLite solar lights automatically turn on, dim, and then turn off. This means they offer the light you need without you having to do a thing!


No More Replacing Light Bulbs

Tired of only half your walkway being lit? Your neighbors might also be frustrated by the inconsistent glow. Our solar lights have a two-year warranty that covers the entire self-contained package – including the light bulb.


BONUS: Light Even When the Power Goes Out

When the power goes out, your neighborhood can be plunged into darkness. Candles and flashlights only offer so much light. Your GeoLite solar light is powered by the sun! This means it works whether the power is on or not!

So if a storm hits, you and neighbors will still have light.


I want a light that won’t bug my neighbors!