Solar Facility Lighting Solution

Facility solar lighting solution

When you add light to your facility’s exterior, you cut down on theft and vandalism. The Institute of Criminology’s study, Effects of Improved Street Lighting on Crime, found “improved street lighting significantly reduces crime.”

The chance of employees and visitors tripping increases substantially in the dark. Adding light to your facility’s exterior also increases safety, as it makes the space easier to navigate.

In most instances, lighting an outdoor space can be cumbersome. Traditional lights require access to an electrical outlet. Your GeoLite solar light offers a facility lighting solution free of electrical outlets and extension cords.

You can position it in the location best suited to meet your needs without worrying about laying power lines.

Solar Light Facility Applications

Your GeoLite solar light can be used to light your facility in a variety of locations. These include:

  •      Pedestrian Walkways
  •      Parking Lots
  •      Courtyards
  •      General Purpose Areas
  •      Bike Lanes
  •      Entryways
  •      Playgrounds

GeoLite Solar Lights Won’t Increase Your Electric Bill

As you estimate your budget for the year, the cost of lighting your facility can play a major role. GeoLite solar lights are completely self-contained and powered by the sun. This means they never draw electricity from your facility.

Nor do your solar lights require constant maintenance and monitoring. They turn on, dim, and turn off automatically.

Additionally, the light bulbs (as with the rest of the light) are covered under a two-year warranty. You won’t need to constantly replace them or the battery.

Does this mean your light is completely maintenance free? Basically. From time-to-time your maintenance crew may need to brush dirt and debris that have accumulated on the top of it. Additionally, we recommend clearing any cobwebs from the light to provide a maximum glow.


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