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Since our inception, we’ve been focused on creating sustainable products that allow you to reduce your carbon footprint in a highly functional way. As one of the world’s most inexhaustible energy sources, solar energy allows you to create light where you need it and when you need it. And, it does so without burning fossil fuels or disrupting the earth’s natural habitat.

Pacific Northwest based, we experienced firsthand the pitfalls of typical solar light solutions. Our goal was to overcome them, meeting the need for a product that was durable enough to last and functional enough to be a tool on which we could depend.

Our solar light needed to charge, even on cloudy days. It needed to withstand extremes in temperature and humidity. We needed the ability to place it in remote areas where there wasn’t a traditional power supply. And, it needed to be user-friendly. Setup couldn’t require a specialized technician.

The results speak for themselves. Users report how easy it is to set up and reposition their light as needed. The auto-dimming feature makes this super-bright light functional for those in both the city and remote areas. It withstands Mother Nature’s harshest conditions, so much so we provide a two-year warranty.

Geolite Solar Lights are a cost effective lighting solution.

Reliable Solar Light for Your Business and Facility

Light not only offers safety, it cuts down on theft. It reduces vandalism. And, it improves employee efficiency.

Don’t let a lack of electrical outlets keep your facility from the light it needs. Your solar-powered light can be mounted anywhere, including campus walkways, parking lots, and courtyards.

With the auto-on, auto-off, and auto-dim features, it requires little to no maintenance. Plus, the sturdy design offers multiple hours of light without increasing your electricity bill.

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