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Your Durable and Functional Solar Light Solution.

Geolite was developed to provide a reliable, renewable lightsource. It’s user-friendly design is cord-free, charges even on cloudy days and auto-dims.

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Helpful FAQs

Do I need to hire a professional installer? Can I install it myself?

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It’s your preference, but no expertise is needed.

To install, have ready a 6–10 foot metal pole that has a diameter of 2.25 to 2.5 inches. You can install the pole a variety of ways, including the ground, a pot or stand. (If you’ve chosen to install the pole in a pot or the ground be sure to secure it with ample gavel and rock.)

If you install the pole in the ground, dig the hole only slightly larger than the post. And, make the hole deep enough that 2-4 feet of the pole is underground. You don't want the pole to tip over :)

If you want to place the pole in a decorative pot, make sure you give the pole a base to attach to and fill the pot with small landscaping rocks. This should keep the pole steady in wind.

To secure the light, place it on your pole and tighten the screws with a 7/32 allen wrench.

What surface distribution does the Geolite provide?

The light distribution is directly proportional to how high the light is mounted. For most installations, we recommend having the light be 8 to 10 feet off the ground. Make sure the light will have direct contact to sunlight before installing a pole permanently.

My light bulb broke. How do I replace it?

Light bulbs are covered under the two-year warranty. If your light bulb breaks, return the Geolite for warranty replacement.

Are there alternative ways to charge the battery?

At this time, the only way to charge the battery is with solar power.

What is a safe way to clean the solar panels?

A soft cloth and water is recommended.

Does the light attract bugs?

As with any light source, the Geolite has the potential to do so.

Bees have built a hive on my Geolite. What now?

Treat the Geolite like any external fixture of your home and spray it as you normally would.

How often do I need to clean the solar panels?

Cleaning is as needed. In most instances, users need to clean their Geolite solar panels less than once a year.

My light’s not turning on, dimming or turning off. How do I troubleshoot it?

Reset with on-off switch.

How does the Geolite handle the wind?

Extremely well. If you’re in a particularly windy area, it’s recommended that you mount your Geolite on a sturdy pole metal pole rather than PVC.

How does the Geolite perform in high and low temperatures?

Extremely well. It maintains exceptional performance in both the highs of summer and lows of winter.

Can my facility manager turn off the light manually, if needed?

Yes. Your solar light is equipped with an on/off switch.

Can solar light be hooked to my facility’s lighting grid?

No. Your solar light is entirely self-contained and operates independently from other systems. Turning on and off based on sunset and sunrise, it can’t be hooked to your facility’s lighting grid and therefore won’t affect your electric bill.

How often will my facility manager have to replace the light bulb?

Light bulbs will last at least two years. If they don’t, they are covered under a two-year warranty. A new one will be sent for free.